Craziest catfish episodes 2019

I vividly remember the very first time I witnessed an episode of "Catfish". After watching the whole episode, and getting too into the intense search for the culprit, it left me wanting more.

To this day, I still follow the show and all its stories.

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I've seen the latest season, and even the documentary that started it all. Despite there being a plethora of episodes, there were a good handful that were so mad, I can't shake them from my brain. So I decided to pick the craziest of the crazy and explain why these six episodes were the ones I chose out of every single "Catfish" to ever be made.

My favorite episode of Catfish to ever exist. A middle-aged man named Spencer emails "Catfish the T. Not only this, but he thinks they are madly in love with one another. What makes this episode so nuts is the fact that this Spencer guy never caves into admitting this "Katy" is a total Katy catfish. Even after they find the real girl who was sending him the emails, he STILL continued to email her and even referred to her as Katy. His excuse was he was "just double checking to make absolutely sure it wasn't her" You met the catfish in person dude!

The first "Catfish" episode ever where Nev and Max had to call MTV to explain to them the insane situation this woman named Whitney got them into. What happened was, Whitney emailed Nev and Max to get some help with this girl named Bre she had been talking to on the internet. Turns out, Whitney lied about the fact that she has never video chatted with Bre.

Eventually, Nev and Max find out that Whitney was just messing with them all along to use them to get a plane ticket to see her girlfriend Bre, since they both can't afford to fly to see each other. Max and Nev end up being very angry with the whole situation, but still help get the two love birds together in the end.

Ah, yes.

7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well - MTV Ranked

The episode that confused us all. Poor Artis just wanted to meet Jess, a woman he met on social media and had been talking with for a while. But, after a confusing investigation, Nev, Max, and Artis end up face to face with a scary, strange man that was Jess the whole time.

Their conversation is very awkward, and we never really get a straight answer on why this man catfished Artis. What if your secret lover ended up being your salty cousin?

After a long chase to help a guy named Antwane find his true love, it all came down to this meme-able statement from Antwane's cousin. Quite possibly the strangest "Catfish" episode to ever air.

So this girl named Kayla gets a message from a girl who claims to be channeling the ghost of Kayla's dad.

craziest catfish episodes 2019

After meeting the so called catfish, she introduces herself as Courtney and she was not lying about her experience with this "ghost father. I spend a lot of time on TikTok and I never know whether the products I see are worth it or not, especially when I'm looking at the price.

For Christmas, my aunt got me a gift card to Ulta. I didn't know what to buy.Since the Catfish show is all about thrills and surprises, how does the show's casting process work? Find out how they pick their subjects. Lennie's romance with Chelsea Sawyer surprised Catfish fans. Where is he now? The truth is a little bit mysterious. He is still into art, though. The widowed mother of six kids made a few rookie mistakes when dating her long-distance boyfriend Williams and now is in denial about the truth.

Catfish has been known for years as being one of the craziest most unpredictable reality shows to ever air on MTV. Here are the wildest episodes. Ghosted and Catfish are both MTV reality shows that talk about dating in the digital, modern world.

We compare the two very similar series. MTV is releasing a brand new reality TV series called Ghosted, which will help broken-hearted people track down individuals who have ghosted them.

MTV's Catfish is known for featuring truly unbelievable tales of online dating. We take a look back at the series' most memorable catfishes so far. Catfish host and creator, Nev Shulman, invites Ariana Grande to be a co-host for the reality show, admitting she would be his dream co-host.

craziest catfish episodes 2019

Want to know what some of the best TV shows you're not watching are? Check out our list of television's 12 most underrated series in It's time to celebrate the season as well as episodes, thanks to 'Castle' and 'Bones'. Meanwhile, 'American Chopper' builds its final bikes. What will you be watching? It's a semi-full line-up for Monday night, with 'Revolution' and 'Bones' still holding off their fall hiatus.

In case you didn't know, TV shows are being canceled left and right. Hopefully something - unless it's already been canceled. Monday may be a holiday, but tonight's line-up is still packed with new shows.

And then there's that 'Catfish' series premiering on MTV. This week's DVD and Blu-ray releases feature a handful of low-budget movies, like 'Machete' and 'Catfish,' that hope for a second life on home video. The Screen Rant staff look back at the movies of and pick those films that truly awed us.

See which of our staff shares your taste in films. Screen Rant interviews Nev Schulman, Ariel Schulman, and Henry Joost, the star and co-directors of the stranger-than-fiction documentary film 'Catfish.

Reactions have been so mixed, we needed two guys to review it. Tags catfish. Aya Tsintziras Nov 6, The concept of MTV's Catfish is in and of itself shocking: These are people who have dated for years, fallen in love, even gotten engaged all online without ever meeting and often even seeing the person live.

Given that's our baseline, the insanity barometer can only go up from there—and, oh, it has. With its newest season premiering tonight, let's take a look back at some of the most bat-shit, bonkers stories to come out of Catfish. What She Thought: Jasmine had been chatting with Mike for two years, and they bonded over their children.

What He Thought: Ramon met Paola on Facebook, and after talking for eight months, he was in love enough to give her a couple of thousand dollars—and his bank account information.

What the what?! Turns out Rose has an addiction to fake profiles and a heart as cold as ice. Did anyone really think it would be Bow Wow? What He Thought: Rico fell in love online with a "model" name Ja'mari. The Truth: Ja'mari's real name was James, and he wasn't a model—but he didn't lie about his appearance.

What he did lie about was his criminal past: He spent two years in prison for allegedly stealing three different buses, impersonating the driver, and driving them on their routes huh? To cap it all off, the two decided to stay in a relationship and James pursued his career as a bus driver, having gotten his license in jail. What He Thought: Mike met Caroline on a dating site, and they bonded over the fact that she was suffering from colon cancer—the same cancer his mom had.

The Truth: Caroline is actually Heather, she does not have cancer, and she has catfished Mike before! When he caught her the first time, she made up Caroline, and then made up the cancer when she thought he was going to leave again.

What He Thought: Artis was under the impression he was dating Jess and was ready to ditch his current girlfriend—and mother of his three children —for her. The Truth: Jess is actually a man who creates fake online dating profiles to teach people a lesson about cheating.

He was so creepy even Nev and Max were afraid of him.

craziest catfish episodes 2019

What She Thought: This shy, bullied year-old fell for a teen named Skylar in San Francisco who, of course, was a model. The Truth: Not only was Skylar an older-than-advertised guy named Bryan, but he used catfishing to work on his game talk about creepy.

And Bryan was such a cold-hearted jerk that Nev and Max ordered him never to contact Jennifer again a Catfish first. They were supposed to meet in person, but Brian never showed up. The Truth: Brian is for real, and he never showed up that day because he had a PTSD episode that ended with him getting arrested for having a weapon of mass destruction in his backpack. He was also secretly married. What He Thought: Rod had a four-year relationship online with Ebony, who he believed was a transgender woman.Met a guy online, we dated for over a year.

I met his parents, slept in his apartment, met his friends, then he randomly disappeared. And he was 10 years older than he told me. And he gave me a fake last name. Pow, right in the kisser. I actually catfished someone, but this was 15 years ago before it was a phenomenon.

I was 15 and I went into a Britney Spears chat room. I met a guy from the Netherlands. I said I was 18 as was he and my name was Mandi yes, with an "i". I gave him my real number so we'd talk on the phone everyday — he'd call me.

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As catfish stories go, things got intense fast, there was talk of him visiting, so naturally, I did something dramatic. I pretended that Mandi got in a car accident and lost her memory. Things unraveled from there and I finally told him the truth. We tried to be friends, but it was too weird. A week later, he was dating someone else in the chat room.

I got this message one day from a boy who I went to school with, and he was like, "There's a chick down here on Tinder and Instagram that is using your photos and a few of my footy mates said they've been tuning her.

17 Of The Most Insane Catfish Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Anyway — ended up getting a heap of people to report her so then I thought she was gone. Then, randomly about a month or so after, this guy messages me on Facebook saying, "I am sorry for the random add but someone has been using your pictures — and we've been having a relationship over it. He was convinced that he wasn't being catfished because they would talk on the phone and she would send him several photos a day. But his friends kept telling him that he was. He told me he tried to meet up with her so many times, but last minute she would always bail.

One excuse she had was that her boss was really sick and she was going to take him flowers. Eventually, he got frustrated with the lack of meeting up and cut it off. She then just disappeared one day. I know she is still catfishing though, because to this day I've had two other guys tell me they were involved in an online relationship with her via Facebook chat and Instagram direct. I work for a repo company and I have a fake Facebook set up to lure people who have been hiding their cars from us out on dates.

We make plans to meet up, and then when they arrive to meet up, I repo their cars. He was so sexy! I called up my friend and asked her who he was and she said his name was Ken and that he was a really good friend of hers and that they hung out before.

He sent me a DM on Twitter asking a me a question and then from that day on we spoke to each other every hour and every day. I got to know Ken on every level — he told me he had a kid and that he was an accountant and that he was born and raised in Chicago.Nev and Max travelled around the US for five years trying to mend broken hearts, help others get even, and generally having the best TV bromance ever.

You'd think by now no-one would dream about trying to fool someone over the internet in fear of these two turning up at their door. But nope, the catfishing era is still going strong, and it's one of our favourite reality shows.

The Story:. Artis thought he was dating a girl named Jess and was prepared to dump his current real-world girlfriend and the mother of his THREE kids for her.

The Truth:. Jess was actually an odd fellow named Justin who was out on a mission to expose those cheating with strangers online as a 'relationship vigilante'. Even Nev and Max were pretty scared of him as he emerged from his car slow-clapping and spoiling for a fight. The Aftermath:. Artis fessed up to his girlfriend, and his honesty albeit late strengthened their relationship.

Bizarrely, Justin and Artis are actually quite close friends now and in stated their desire to launch a YouTube channel together. However, they have been pretty vocal against MTV and Catfish ever since. John had met Kelsey 'Beelzebub' in a psychology chat room, had only heard her voice once and had never video chatted. She claimed to have body dysmorphic disorder.

Two others from the same chat room, named Ellie and Adam, were in a similar relationship, and had also never met. After Kelsey sent Nev, Max and John to a fake address, they tracked her down at a murky casino. She was actually Adam from the chat room, who admitted he took pride in catfishing others, having done it to about 40 people in total. He did it to John in order to keep him away from Ellie, who was real.

Max was pissed. Adam apologised for his behaviour and confessed all to Ellie via Skype. He later moved to LA, deactivated the Kelsey profile and continued his relationship with Ellie, despite all of that weirdness. John forgave Adam and grew close to a female friend in Illinois. Down-on-his-luck Ramon had started an exclusive relationship with Paola after meeting on Facebook, but she had only video-chatted once - and she appeared to be a completely different girl than in her photos. Paola was actually a woman called Loyda, and it turned out that Ramon knew this all along.

The pair had Skyped before, but Ramon "didn't want to believe" that she was Paola. Obviously, Nev and Max weren't best pleased. Loyda had used Ramon's money to buy herself an engagement ring and told everyone Ramon had proposed. Even Ramon thought that was a bit wacky. The pair decided to stay just friends, though it's unclear whether she paid any of his money back. Not that she had to. She has since moved on and married a man named John, another guy she met online.

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Lauren and Derek met on MySpace eight years before the episode, and he had got her through lots of tough times, and supported her after she had a baby with an ex-boyfriend. She was convinced he was the man she was meant to be with, but they had never met or even Skyped once. Nev and Max were dubious. All of it was true! Derek was exactly who he said he was all that time, and they started a relationship together, and he instantly bonded with her 3-year-old son.When Jesse was introduced to Brian on Facebook, she thought she'd hit the jackpot.

Brian is a former Marine, a true gentleman, and handsome to boot. They made plans to meet and Jesse drove hundreds of miles to see him, but Brian never showed up and stopped answering her calls.

The next day, Jesse begged Brian to explain why he stood her up, but he refused to give a reason. Now, three years later, Brian has asked her to move halfway across the country to live with him. Jesse feels that Brian could be the perfect guy for her and she's ready for a fresh start. For over seven years, Ashley has sent dramatically altered photos of herself to her soul mate, Mike, to make her look thinner and more attractive to him.

Mike, who appears to be an extraordinarily fit and handsome young man, lives several states away in New Jersey. Saddled by insecurities around her weight and a fear of going out in public, Ashley has become more reliant on her online connection to Mike with each passing year, but has always found an excuse not to meet up with him.

Mike has always been there for Ashley, consoling her through the period after her father's sudden death and becoming an intensely positive force in her life.

Now Ashley feels ready to come out of hiding to show her true self to Mike. Nev and Max discover that Mike may not be the person in the photos, and when they go to meet him, he turns out to be overweight. However, unlike Ashley's pictures, Mike's are of a completely different person. By the end of the episode, they are shown to remain in contact and on good terms.

Bianca, a lesbian, met Brogan via Facebook. The pair had never video-chatted, but when the subject was broached, Brogan vanished out of the blue and deleted her Facebook account. A year later, she reactivated and reconnected with Bianca. Brogan Acaster is then traced to a blog with shots of a pregnant woman with the same tattoos that Bianca had seen through pictures. Brogan is eventually revealed to be Tia who confessed to creating the profile with no motive, but eventually getting immersed in it.

She discloses that she was a victim of sexual assault at the age of At the beginning of the episode, Max reveals that he will not be joining Nev right away this season as he is working on a film with Zac Efron called We Are Your Friends.

Charlamagne Tha God fills in for Max. Javonni claimed to be a music producer. Kara created the Javonni profile to help out a friend who thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. Kara continued to talk to Miracle because she was lonely and bored after complications with Lupus kept her homebound. Miracle and Kara agree to be friends. In the epilogue, Kara has not replied to Miracle's Facebook messages, but says she plans to. Nev enlists the help of Cassidy Wolf to help Courtney find out the true identity of a catfish who wrote into the show pretending to be her.

She met him on a dating website. The two were supposed to meet, but she called off the meeting and ended all contact after she realized he had been using a fake picture. At the meetup, he is revealed to be an asexual man who was uncomfortable sharing information on the internet which is why he used a fake picture.

The two come to an agreement that they will never have contact again in the future. In the epilogue, he has had no contact with her and has had some luck dating as himself. The "hopeful" has chosen to focus on her family and stick to traditional dating. Nev is joined by Angel Haze to help Harold meet Armani.

Harold has seen only one picture of Armani over a span of four years and he reveals that Armani has mothered a child after being impregnated by a jailbird. A web search for Armani's e-mail username pops up a basketball recruitment page with a girl named Tamila on it.

When met with, Tamila is uncovered as the catfish who, hand-in-glove with her friend, monitor the Armani page while corroborating the facts to unususpecting males.

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The 10 most incredible Catfish episodes ever

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